Bilingual Youth Classes


For those children who have transferred to America from Italy and are looking to continue their Italian education or for those children who are born here but have native Italian parent’s, Italian School NJ is a perfect choice.
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Our programs and curricula are based upon the Italian method, and thus incorporate the style and course work one would find if their child were attending school in Italy.
All of our textbooks and materials come from Italian “asili”, Italian preschools, and “scuole primarie”, Italian elementary schools. Our native and native-like Italian teachers speak strictly Italian, and ensure that students do the same.

It is our goal to use various play activities, written exercises, and reading activities to develop each child’s existing ability to express themselves, as well as to keep them on track to return to school in Italy, should they ever decide to.
Our program is home to an established group of bilingual children who have been with Italian School NJ since its inception. For these particular students, one or both of their parents is a native Italian, and our program provides them with the opportunity to keep their cultural and linguistic connection to Italy alive, while being able to share in both Italian and American culture equally.

Italian School NJ offers a 5% discount for all family members registered when more than one student from same family is registered. Discount only applies if registered for the whole semester.


The Saturday program is 2.5 hours long and incorporates other activities such as soccer, through Morris Elite Soccer Academy, gymnastic, games, dance, all in Italian! Classes are held Chatham Day School, 700 Shunpike Road, Chatham NJ, a state-of-the-art school where students enjoy smart boards, gym, and a theater. 

Classes are Saturdays, 12:15p-2:45p
Tuition: $780,  14 classes, 2.5 hour, includes ALL materials

Italian School NJ offers the following classes:
Cuccioli: 2.5-4 & 4-5 years old (pre-K) - Advanced
Coccinelle: 5 – 6 years old (kindergarten) - Advanced
Scoiattoli: 6-8 years old (1st and 2nd grade) - Advanced
Farfalle: 8-10 years old (3rd - 4th grade) - Advanced
Fringuelli: 10-13 years old (5th – 7th grade) - Advanced
Giraffe: 14 years and up - Advanced

Italian School NJ offers sibling and multiple class discounts. Please use promo code FAMILY at check out to receive a 5% discount off of all students’ registration.