Carla Riefoli

Carla Riefoli was born and grew up in Milan (Italy).  She earned a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy at the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” in Milan, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Education.  Carla worked as a social worker in a not-for profit organization in cooperation with social service of Milan, where she worked with youths and their family with social hardship, housing deprivation, and also with children with learning difficulties. In Milan Carla also worked as a support teacher with kids in the elementary school, middle school, and high school, assisting students who have learning difficulties or disabilities. She worked as a teacher of several subjects in private schools for all grades and as a teacher in public preschools.  In addition, she volunteered for “Telefono Azzuro”, a helpline for children who are victims of abuse, and for a nonprofit organization teaching Italian to foreigners.  and for a nonprofit organization teaching Italian to foreigners.  Carla spent several months in US while living in Italy working as a social worker and youth counselor.  She now resides in New Jersey with her husband.  She loves teaching children and adults.  Her greatest passion is reading classic novels, and she considers reading to be one of the most important learning tools.