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Sonia Angela Falcone

Sonia Angela Falcone was born in Milan, Italy. Sonia pursued her Undergraduate and Graduate degree in Florence, Italy where she later obtained her Master’s Degree in Modern Literature and Languages. During her 7-year stay in Florence, Sonia worked for Tre Elle Service, LLC as their PR and Interpreter. In 2002 Sonia and her husband moved to New Jersey, where she began to work for Sub-Zero Wolf Appliance as her full-time occupation. She also taught Italian and Spanish classes at the Iberia Language Institute and Berlitz in the evenings and on the weekends.  In 2014, Sonia obtained her CTP certification and has since been listed as an Interpreter and Translator on the Italian Consulate of NY's website.  Sonia joined the Italian School of NJ family in 2012 and adores teaching her classes and interacting with all of the wonderful students.