At Italian School NJ, conversation skills are a priority for both our staff and our students. Having encountered many adult students who were frustrated with their lack of fluency after years of study, we devised a curriculum that gives priority to conversation, while concomitantly enhancing the conceptual understanding of the language through a thorough explanation of the grammatical structures. 

Our goal is to create an encouraging environment to learn the Italian language by providing small classroom sizes (7-8 students at the most) and individual attention to all students.

Adult Weekly Classes

For a more detailed description of our courses, please click here.

Courses are offered in the Fall (late September-end of February) Late Fall (mid-November-April) and Spring (immediately following after the Fall semester until the end of May).  
Students can join an ongoing class based on teacher’s approval.
Placement for students with prior Italian language knowledge is based on teacher’s approval upon completion of an entrance exam.

Italian School NJ offers family members and multiple classes discounts. Please look for discounts on check out page.
Tuition: $480,  14 classes, 1.5 hour, includes ALL materials

NEW Beginner
This course is geared toward those students that approach the Italian language for the first time. Students will master basic conversation skills, vocabulary acquisition, response to  everyday situations while acquiring knowledge of Italian culture.
This course will be 10 weeks long
Tuesday 12:00-1:30p (will start soon)
Wednesday 6:30-8:00p (will start soon)

Beginner II & III (on-going, can join anytime based on teacher’s approval):
This course is geared toward those students that already have a basic knowledge of the Italian language conjugation of nouns, articles, adjectives, present tense verbs. Students should be able to converse about everyday situations and understand topics of simple dialogues and written work.
Monday 12:30-2:00p
Monday 6:30-8:00p
Wednesday 6:30-8:00p
Thursday 6:30-8:00p
Friday 11:30-1:00p

Intermediate Course I or II (on-going, can join anytime based on teacher’s approval):
Geared toward students with a deeper knowledge of the Italian language: intermediate knowledge of grammar and able to carry a more complex conversation about everyday situations and other subjects. Students will master fluid communication, and comprehension and analysis of short stories, while enhancing knowledge of Italian culture.
Monday 11:15-12:45p
Monday 6:00-7:30p
Tuesday 6:00-7:30p
Tuesday 6:30-8:00p
Friday 11:30-1:00p

Advanced Course I or II (on-going, can join anytime based on teacher’s approval):
Students are expected to speak Italian fluently and to both read and write essays in Italian.  Mastery of more complex grammatical structures, refinement and enrichment of current linguistic dexterity (including speaking, reading and writing) and comprehension while enhancing knowledge of Italian culture.
Tuesday 7:00-8:30p
Friday 10:00-11:30a

If these days and times do not fit your schedule, please request a class here.
Classes can begin anytime once we reach a minimum of 4 students.

Adult Lunch Time- Meet TWO Times per Week!

This is a brand new program where adults will attend classes twice a week. Students will have more exposure to the Italian language to reinforce their learning.

Classes will be held at our East Hanover location. Programs will starts on March 26, Easter week closed.
Tuition: $600,  20 classes, 1.5 hour, includes ALL materials

Mondays and Thursdays 12:30-2:00pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-2:00pm

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