Many New Intensive ADULT Classes to meet any need!

“Bi-Weekly” Intensive Courses for Beginners!
3 WEEKS: classes will meet TWO times per week
“Bi-Weekly” Intensive Courses for Intermediate!
3 WEEKS: classes will meet TWO times per week
“Si Chiacchiera”
4 WEEKS: classes meet two or three times per week to enjoy great conversations in Italian with our teachers and fellow students. Only for Intermediate and Advanced Students.
“Mix It Up”
8 WEEKS: Meet TWO times per week. Attend one instructional class and one conversation class.


Multiple Morning Youth Classes
Register to come two or three classes per week. This new program begins in October.


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Italian School NJ Courses
General Information

At Italian School NJ, conversation skills are a priority for both our staff and our students. Having encountered many adult students who were frustrated with their lack of fluency after years of study, we devised a curriculum that gives priority to conversation, while concomitantly enhancing the conceptual understanding of the language through a thorough explanation of the grammatical structures. 

All classes are conducted mainly in Italian, in accordance with our full-immersion philosophy, with the exception of some beginner courses. Each class is structured around the integration of texts and supplementary materials (i.e. handouts, videos, etc..) handpicked to create an equilibrium between verbal and written fluency, while simultaneously using in-class conversation, role playing, and other games to increase practical expression. Student-to-student interaction and repetition are paramount in creating an environment that both encourages and enhances verbal skill, and we put a premium upon ensuring that each student reaches both the benchmarks set forth by our curriculum, as well as their own personal goals. 

Our adult & youth weekday classes are  held at our new location, 49 Ridgedale Avenue, Suite 200  East Hanover, NJ (intersection of Route 10) conveniently located near Interstate 287.

Our Saturday programs are held at the Chatham Day School, 700 Shunpike Road, Chatham Township, NJ. At Chatham Day School, students will enjoy state-of-the-art classrooms, smart boards, gym and theater.
Italian School NJ has moved it’s Saturday programs to Chatham Day School to incorporate other activities besides academic such as soccer, gymnastics and theater, all in Italian!

Italian School NJ offers the following

We offer courses year round:
Fall-Winter and the Spring semester, both comprised of 14 classes:
•  Fall-Winter starts the last week of September and ends in mid-February, depending on snow days.
•  Late Fall courses start Mid-November and ends in mid-March, depending on snow days.
•   Spring semester is scheduled to follow immediately  after the Fall-Winter semester and ends Mid-May.

During the Summer Italian School NJ offers:
•. Full Immersion Programs for all levels and ages.

Private Classes available Year Round. Email us to schedule.

The school is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day and other holidays or school breaks.